Ginkgo jewelry workshop package

The items of the workshop package:

  • A cca 6 hour long pre-recorded film + recorded workshop in English language
  • A photo-illustrated, printable PDF booklet with detailed description of the whole process of creating the object (in English language)
  • Access to the closed FB-group related to this course



What can you learn?

Creating a jewellery set, with ginkgo leaves in the spotlight.

    • The characteristic ginkgo leaves are created using fine-micron wool.

    • Making earrings by felting in the smallest possible scale.

    • Making a thin cord with a slip knot, with the help of which the length of the necklace can be adjusted.

    •  „Planting” a ginkgo leaf onto the cord, using the encased pebble technique.

    • Creating a gradient/ombre effect ginkgo leaf.

    • Special, unique design solutions, ideas and inspiration for your very own ginkgo necklace design.