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You can see my newest creations here from all categories.

  • Tiny fiery red earrings

  • Red onion necklace

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  • Short necklace from the Danube

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  • Lily necklace with greys and yellows

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  • Lotus in red grenadine necklace II

  • Orange-red-magenta coloured necklace

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  • Teal waves shoulder bag

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  • Pinky fruit brooch

  • Teal eye brooch

  • Teal eye necklace

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  • Future teal fruit necklace

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  • Clay-red coloured lotus ring

  • Purple framed lotus fruit

  • Oval shaped lotus fruit ring

  • Ombre greens scarf

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  • Silver pebble broche

  • Sea-stone green broche

  • Future fruit necklace

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  • Vivid green fruit necklace

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  • Olive green broche with silver moss

  • Pea-shell broche with silver moss

  • Lilac broche with double silver moss

  • Mossy sprinkled stone broche

  • Orange necklace with 3 beige pebbles

  • Set of a salmon necklace and ring

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  • Pale orange ring with dark grey pebble

  • Double magenta ring

  • Double magenta ring with sprinkled pebble

  • Double orange ring

  • rustic orange ring