Three-pebble necklace
class package

You can relive the whole “felting together” day from 2020 as well as the live “consultation session”


Let’s felt together for an entire day, during which I will guide you through the process of making a three-pebble necklace! You will be able to create jewelry from your favorite pebbles.

  • You can learn felting a small sized object
  • You can learn how to set a pebble into a felted nest
  • Creation of ombré (gradiented) color strings
  • I will show how to link together the three pebbles
  • You’ll be able to set fruits or shells into felt
  • We’ll make a thin but durable felt string and decorate its endings with tiny pebbles
  • We’ll create an adjustable length string for the necklace
  • I’ll show why the final touches are important
  • This is an intermediate felting course. If you’ve made felted items before, it will not be a problem for you to keep up the pace.
  • If you are a determined and skillful beginner, you can also try it! Should you lag behind, later you can watch the full workshop again because we’ll record it – so you can work at your own pace.

The workshop package costs 110 EUR,
which covers the following items:

  • The recording of the whole day felting online live workshop 2020, approximately 7 hours of duration, with English translation
  • A photo-illustrated, printable PDF booklet with detailed description of the whole process of creating the object
  • Access to the recording of the 3-hour consultation session

  • 10 grams of extra fine wool (14 or 16 microns) of your single color choice – coarser wool will not deliver the same quality. If you prefer ombré (gradient) color, choose hand-dyed wool if possible!
  • 2 small pebbles (for the end of the cords) and 3 larger ones for the necklace. They should not be heavy!
  • a small bowl with hot water in it
  • a pad with structured surface (or a damp kitchen towel, non-slip, etc.)
  • hand soap
  • a tea-towel or towel
  • mosquito net or nylon curtain material (2 pieces of approx. 15 × 15 cm)
  • foam foil (0.5 – 1mm thick) can be replaced with a thicker plastic bag
  • white paper, pencil, pen
  • scissors with straight and curved blades
  • a measuring tape
  • a small piece of thin transparent household foil (5 × 5 cm)
  • a felting needle (optional)
  • You can follow the course with the help of ZOOM app / program, which you can download for free to both desktop and smartphone.
  • During the course, images from three cameras will be set up so that you keep a close eye on every detail. During the course, you can choose which camera to follow and, if you wish, you can even ask questions at specific times (both in writing and/or orally). 
  • If you still can’t / will not want to work along with me, you will have the opportunity to finish the necklace later: the full recorded material of the course will be accessible for you from the day after the workshop (for 3 months), so you can watch it again without any restrictions. Eight days after the workshop day (the following Sunday) I am inviting you for a consultation session where you will have the opportunity to ask questions and present your work if you wish.

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After completed purchase process you will receive a detailed guide about the whole online class. The payment can be arranged using credit card, paypal account or via bank transfer.  You will get a secured link to a Zoom platform later, it will be activated on the morning of the workshop.

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