Frequently asked questions about the online workshops

What is CET? What is the starting time in my time zone?

CET is the Central European Time zone. If you are not sure about your time zone, check it out at a time zone converter page to check your time.

(you have to write Budapest in the second coloumn)

What size surface will I need?

You’ll need a clean desk area where you can put all equipment, tools to be able to work comfortably. Remember that the process includes working with hot water – please make sure nothing obstructs the process and you position the hot water securely, avoiding spilling.  Use a surface that can stand water and/or cover your desk/table with some water resistant sheet.

Will 21 micron wool be OK to be used?

Unfortunately NOT.

For the desired quality as you see in photos it is very important to have extra fine wool, which is 14-16 microns. So please make sure you can get the right supplies in time – otherwise unfortunately the creative process will feel very different, and the result will be less satisfying.  Please do your best to get the 14-16 micron extra fine quality wool. 18 micron may just do, but definitely not coarser. Often this quality wool comes in (natural) white – it is OK to work with white wool, too to learn the process!


Where can I get coloured extra fine wool?

Getting hold of 14 or 16 micron coloured wool might be a little more challenging. Often it comes in natural white colour. (I myself dye my wool, too) A good source online to purchase coloured extra fine 14 micron wool is

also check out:


We’ll I have the chance to ask advice during the course if I get stuck?

We will try to do our best to explain and show all details via the three cameras that we’ll set up. However, should you get to a point here you get completely stuck please send us a message and we’ll help you out. Or you can shout, or wave to us…we won’t let you unanswered.


Can I join later the day?

This workshop is a live event, so if you wish to create the jewelry while I am presenting it, simultaneously,  you should get connected right from the beginning. However, we’ll make a full recording of the workshop that will be available from the day after the workshop, so you’ll be able to watch it again…and again…and again….for three month,  at your convenience.


How long does it take to make the necklace? Will I have some time to refresh myself and have something to eat?

The three pebble necklace takes about 7-8 hours of making…. Be prepared for long hours of activation, but you’ll be able to take small breaks.

It will be nice to have someone around who’ll bring you a sandwich and a cup of tea – unfortunately we cannot provide this in the package. 🙂


Can I leave my necklace unfinished for a couple of days?

Yes, you can. Actually, you can leave it unfinished for weeks or months even…(but then you will miss the compliments on it from your friends:) However, you need to let it fully dry and keep it
dry – otherwise it will go smelly and stale…when you’ll be able to continue working on it , you’ll have to wet it again, naturally.